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We have been undertaking tree surveys for over 20 years and are professional members of the Arboricultural Association.


Our surveys and reports are tailored especially to suit your needs. Individual safety assessments to whole site surveys and surveys for planning, we use ground-based and aerial techniques to establish potential hazards, immediate safety risk and reports for planning.


You receive a full and in-depth report, outlining the survey methods, findings and recommendations for work if necessary as standard & full 1 to 1 consultation post-survey.

Reports for Planning


BS5837 Reports for Planning

Tree Constraints Plans

Impact Assessments

Arboricultural Method Statements

Tree Protection Plans

Airspade Root Investigation

Safety Testing

Tree survey
VTA Surveys

Structural examination

Ground-based or aerial physical inspection to determine structural weakness, decay, branch inclusions, stress cracking & disease.

Arborsonic Decay Detection

Non invasive decay mapping

Non-invasive decay detection using the measurement of sound waves through the infected area. This up to date technology measures resistance within the tree to map weak areas and establish failure potential.

dynaroot tree stability
Dynaroot Tree Stability

Root movement monitoring

Cutting edge technology measures movement of the roots in relation to the prevailing wind. Calibrated to minute movement, we can determine if the tree is likely to fall.


Tree Safety Testing Peace of Mind

£1 Million Professional Indemnity insurance

£2 Million Public Liabiity Insurance

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